Dan Disgrace Nikki Pinder TO PRINT - 300

I’ve created this new illustration for Bido Lito! magazine’s 2020 journal! It’s being released in the beginning of December. I illustrated a quote by Dan Disgrace about the importance of music to him.


You can get hold of a copy (for a limited time till they run out) by signing up to a Bido Lito! Membership: https://www.bidolito.co.uk/membership


The Journal is the only premium digest of a year in Liverpool’s new music and creative culture. The book has new illustrations, features and the best of what they’ve produced this year. In a year when many have nestled up to the arts to help with isolation, boredom and uncertainty, they asked the question ‘Why Is Music Important To You?’ Bido Lito! have compiled a fabulous run of features which dig a little deeper into 2020’s cultural journey.